Apr 21, 2011

Spread the Smiles from Akita : New "Genki" Recovery Project Begins!

Smiles of Green Tourism in Akita Prefecture:

Look at their smiles! This morning, a local newspaper, Sakigake-shinpo published a full-page ad of the new project by Akita Government and Tourism Federation!

They are members of Nishiki Green Tourism Group. (西木GT研究会) These are the smiles you will be welcomed with at farmer’s inns (農家民宿;noka-minshuku) in Nishiki area, which is a mecca of Akita’s Green Tourism! (Read more on one of Nishiki's GT pioneer, Seisetsukan.)

Akita's Effort to Support the Neighboing Tohoku Communities:

Akita has been one of the areas whose physical damage by the earthquakes was relatively small; The Akita residents have been working hard to support the neighboring struggling prefectures.

Although there are still uncertainties regarding the nuclear situation in Fukushima, our daily life is almost back to normal; our business reopened its services, train lines have been reconnected, and flights have been rescheduled. Despite of the fact that the plants are 300 km away and even many residents are choosing to be sheltered here, Akita is still suffering from the significant economic damage!

Let Us Spread Smiles of Japan from Akita Prefecture:

While Travel and Tourism is said to be quick to recover, the damage has hit particularly in the industry; Many “Tohoku” tours have been canceled by domestic travelers in the mood of voluntarily self-restraint (“jishuku”). The consequences have been spreading to other industries too. But it is about time to end  this mood! We must regain our energy and move on so we can share it with the victimized prefectures!

That's the objective of this new project. It is called “Tohoku’s Energy Recovery Project: Smiles of Japan from Akita” (Tohoku-no-Genki-Kaifuku Project. Nippon-no-Egao Akita-kara; 東北の元気回復プロジェクト「日本の笑顔」秋田から)

From the link below, you will be directed to an online application page in which you fill out your personal information between April 22 and 25. 500 people will be randomly chosen and given a 5,000 yen worth hotel coupon. Other 200 people will be given 3,000 yen worth present as well.

Let's try our luck! Apply and become genki in Akita Prefecture!


lina said...

What a great way to promote the area. Hopefully tourists (both domestic & overseas) will visit again!

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Thank you. We hope so!

lina said...

BTW, are readers supposed to click on the red button in the post above? It doesn't link o anywhere. :(

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Oh Thank you so much! I fix it right now!