Jul 20, 2010

Travelling Market at Seisetsukan

Seisetsukan, a farmer’s inn in Nishiki Area has just hosted an exciting event over the weekend, July 18th and 19th.

Tabisuru Market (lit. "Travelling Market") is a series of event organized at different locations in Akita, in which a group of handmade/craft artists and retailers gather to open a market, while a café/restaurant owners bring a variety of healthy foods. The group all together promotes more environmental consciousness and more sustainable living.

Seisetsukan (星雪館), a Noka Minshuku (A farmer's inn) hosted this event.

The Kadowaki Ladies!

Kadowaki family offered fresh vegetables and different rice cakes!
Chimaki (front) is sweet rice wrapped and steamed in bamboo leaves-- full of aroma! 

Delicatessen Kougyoku from Yokote City offered many delicious items made of local ingredients.

They issue monthly paper called Kougyoku Shinbun.

Sarasara offers various tea blends from different parts of the world along with delicious baked goods.

The entrance to Seisetsukan

Original T-Shirt of Tabisuru Market.

Wide open windows which are more like the whole wall! Liberating!

Treasures from all over the world!

Tenants of handmade goods and color therapy.

Surely, it was an exciting event for children as well.

Rice Ball & Miso Soup Combo (300 yen), Yakimochi, and Apple Juice.

The rice balls are wrapped by a wood sheet-- traditinal way with no use of plastic wrap! Smells great!

Onigiri with chopped radish and leaf  (left) and  with shredded salmon with a hint of ginger (right).

These cheerful and energetic organizers make us smile: Fujimi-san (left) and Saemi-san (right).

 Seisetsukan's backyard covered with rice paddies. You will hear ever-lasting symphony of frogs and cicadas.

Greenhouses of various kinds of vegies!

One of the activities was vegie picking here.

"Welcome Home"

When you enter Seisetsukan, the first thing you see is this sign: "Welcome home".

Many visitors travelled from cities many hours away-- this event made us more proud of our simple, green, and slow lifestyle as a great cultural resource.Once you are here, you will realize how welcoming these people are!

So please come! -- Find your "home" at Seisetsukan.

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