Jul 16, 2010

Travelling Market Goes to Seisetsukan

Seisetsukan (say "say-sets-kahn") is a farmer's inn (noka minshuku) in Nishiki Area. They will be hosting an exciting event this weekend: Tabisuru Market, or The Travelling Market.

Seisetsukan, A Farmer's Inn named "Stars and Snow Inn"

Tabisuru Market is Ms. Izumi Miura, who organizes a series of travelling flea markets to promote arts-and-craft artists and shop owners. Besides the variety of crafty goods, the market also offers an opportunity to try some delicious foods— sausages, coffee, sweets, etc.

Tabisuru Market is held at different locations with different themes. Because its location serves such an important role in setting up the atmosphere, Ms. Miura does a lot of research and networking to find the perfect site.

Seisetsukan is hosting this 2-days event on coming Sunday and Monday, July 18th-19th, 2010-- subtitled, (the market ) “Goes to a Farmer’s Inn”.

Seisetsukan is the main contributor of this event, offering the space and hosting activities like a flashlight night-hiking and fresh veggie picking (spinach, radishes, and Japanese turnips).

Seisetsukan is providing you with food items such as rice balls and miso soup as well as various kinds of mochi, rice cakes.--Remember, Seisetsukan is farmers first; therefore, the food must be fresh and good!

The Café  also features items from other businesses: Kougyoku Café (Delicatessen/Café from Yokote City) and Kawai Nojo (a dairy farm from Mitane Town).

Availability of items and events will vary on the day.
Please check the details on the flyer below.

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