Apr 22, 2011

Sugicchi is Akita's Mascot Character (And a Chief PR Agent)

Sugicchi (スギッチ) is an official mascot character of Akita Prefecture, which was first created when Akita hosted Japan National Athlete Competition in 2008.

For its popularity and achievement as a PR person (character) of Akita, he was been appointed as a Chief staff position at the Prefectural government! Even a ceremony was held, in which an appointment letter was handed by the Akita Governor, Mr. Satake. He has been working to promote publicity in various campaigns.His passion is to make Akita more “Genki”!

Life-size (Real Person) Sugicchi!

Sugicchi Badges (Photo/Sakigake On-the-Web)

Many Sugicchi character goods are available in Akita Prefecture. Most recently, a design company in Yuzawa City came up with Sugicchi badge made of Akita Sugi (Akita Cedar; 秋田杉. They are available for 315 yen at some souvenir shops and at Akita Airport. Part of the money will be donated to Japanese Red Cross for the disaster victims.

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