Apr 22, 2011

Sakura Hirahira Now Available in Store

Sakura Hirahira has just arrived in Store!

Sakura Hirahira is a new sake bottle by Akita's oldest sake brewery, Suzuki Shuzoten. We have introduced it earlier this month (here) as our recommendation for your cherry blossom viewing in Semboku City. We had been waiting for its arrival in our local store, Tazawako Ichi!

So with a bottle in our hands, we would like to give you more information about this exciting product. Also, we hope to give you a few key words that might help you pick a favorite bottle in the future as well.

Some Key Words on the Sake Label:

By law and regulartions in Japan, all Sake (; rice wine) must be labeled with list of ingredients, place of origin, and advice on how to store and serve the liquor.

Sakura Hirahira

Sakura Hirahira (桜 ひらひら)is by Hideyoshi (another name of Suzuki Shuzoten). It is a Seishu (清酒)in a category of Junmaishu Namachozoushu (純米酒 生貯蔵酒), which means the Sake is made of only rice and koji and pasteurized only once.

秋田限定商品 (Akita Gentei Shohin) means it is Item Limited in Akita - which also means that "we have to get one"!

Raw Ingredients (Genzairyo;原材料) is Rice )that is Domestically Produced (国産) as well as Kome-koji (米麹) that is also from Domestically-Produced Rice (国産米).  Alcoholic Content (アルコール分) is 8 percent (度), and Polishing Rate (整合歩合) is 65 percent. Brewery (醸造元; Jozomoto) is Suzuki Shuzoten (鈴木酒造店). Net Content (容量) is  300 ml, and Bottled Date (製造年月) is  April 2011.

Here is a description on its flavor and how to be served:
We have created this slightly sweet mild sake -- perfect for the cherry blossoms season. This is Nigari Sake whose light pink color comes from the Momo-iro Kobo. It has a low percentage alcohol and fruity flavor. Even women could enjoy this spring sake. Best when served cold.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea on how to read a Sake label
...or at least we made your month watering!

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