Apr 7, 2011

Sakura Viewing Spots in Semboku City (2011 Update)

In Semboku City, cherry blossoms will be seen earliest in Kakunodate Town. Then the sakura-zensen (“cherry blossoms front”) slowly moves up through Tazawako area according to the higher elevation and temperature: Lake Tazawa, Tazawako Kogen (plateau), then it finally reaches to Nyuto Onsen area in mid-May.

Kakunodate Town, for example, has been known as one of the most beautiful viewing spots of Japan. This small town, whose population is only about 14,000, is flooded with approximately 1,000,000 tourists only during the sakura weeks from late April to the first week of May.

The visitors look forward to visit two quintessential viewing spots of Kakunodate: Sakura tunnels on the bank of the Hinokinai River and the historical landscape scattered with centuries-old cherry blossoms trees.

Sakura Tunnel along the Hinokinai River
Night Viewing of Sakura amongst the Samurai Houses

The "sakura front" passes through the vast rice paddies of Jindai and Obonai area; then, it reaches to the lake and plateau. Although the viewing spots in Tazawako Area seems rather humble compare to the touristic Kakundoate area, there are many hidden viewing spots where you will most likely enjoy the fresh breeze and quietness in the air!

More info on the approximate viewing dates
are HERE.

より大きな地図で Cherry Blossom Viewpoint in Semboku City を表示

Also, JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) has some more helpful information in regard to the Bloom of Cherry Blossoms across the nation. You can see a map and updated approximate blooming dates in the major cities.

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