Mar 30, 2010

Cherry Blossom Viewpoints in Semboku City

The Sakura Zensen, Cherry Blossom Front as we call in Japan, is travelling northbound and approaching Akita each day. The cherry blossom is will be in full bloom in Tokyo Area this week: Our expected blooming dates of 2010 are around April 20th.

According to the Japanese forecast service, Weather Map, Sakura is going to start blooming in Tohoku region earlier than our average years. The earliest in Tohoku will be Fukushima, from which the Sakura Front is fast moving northbound. The temperature of Tohoku region will remain rather low in the end of March, but it will soon get back on the average scale.

The warmer winter we had is expected to accelerate the budding stage. Sakura in the in-land mountain area, where Semboku City is situated, is expected to start to bloom later than coastal cities, like Akita City. The chart shows the expected date in Akita is April 18th; however, it will be a few days later: April 20th --- but that’s around Kakunodate region. In Tazawako, it will take another week due to the high elevation. If you ever miss the cherry blossoms in Hinokinai River Bank of Kakunodate, you can still catch them in Tazawako Area.

Cherry Blossoms Viewpoints in Semboku City:
In approximate order. It may differ depending on the climate condition.

Hinokinai River Bank in Kakunodate Area
After 2-3 days
Bukeyashiki-dori in Kakunodate Area
After a week
Takano Area on the road to Tazawako Kogen Plateau
After 2-3 days
Kenmin-no-mori, People’s Forest of Akita Prefecture
Kata Branch, Former Elementary School Site.
After 2-3 days
Takkonoki Shusui-guchi, Intake Site of Obonai Hydraulic Plant.

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