Apr 25, 2011

Rainbow-Colored Trains of Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway

Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway has been very popular especially among children and Train Fans from all over Japan.

The bodies are painted in different colors. The sight of small trains going through the rice patties through the mountains is so impressive! (And cute!)

Colorful trains look even brighter in the spring colors!

The official blog of Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo has become the most visited train blogs of Japan. The blog is  posted by all the staffs -- including the attendants, operators, and engineers, even the company president—all sharing stories from both personal and professional perspectives.  It’s quite interesting!

But unfortunately, it's in English. You can at least see the pictures :)

In a recent post, an engineer shares a story about the characteristic rainbow-colored trains. He shares some rare photos taken 7 years ago. They are beautiful!

The original color (right up in picture above), red and white, was repainted over 7 years ago. Now you can see the original design on one cabin, which is often used for autumn foliage campaign.

A red train was featured in a scene of Korean drama IRIS. You will find autographs of the actors on the wall of a train. The color of trains you encounter is unpredictable. (Randomly ordered) So, good luck if you want a snapshot!

Rainbow Colored Trains!
Each of them has a unque color. To read about each trains, Click HERE.

All Photos Courtesy of Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo Railway

The blog features many other photos taken around the stations, near railroads, and even from the bedroom windows! The stories are full of appreciation for the railway. You will know how valuable it is to the community.

Want to take the trains? Nairiku-sen Holiday Free Ticket is available only 2,000 yen! It allows you unlimited rides on the Nairikusen trains between Kakunodate and Takanosu. Now they are available on the 4th Wednesday of each month!

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