Nov 24, 2010

Unlimited Rides on Nairiku-sen Trains for 1,000 Yen

Taking a train on Nairikusen (内陸線) , Akita Inland Longitudinal Railway Company (秋田内陸縦貫鉄道), would be a perfect railroad trip for those who love picturesque sceneries of rural villages and nature.

A lot of photographers find it very “picturesque” for its scenery is truly marvelous, untouched and uncaptured. Nairikusen railroad line runs between Kakunodate (角館) and Takanosu (鷹巣)through the small villages in mountains along the Ou mountain range.

If you are visiting Kakunodate Area on a weekend or Japanese holidays, here is a special deal you couldn’t miss! Holiday Free Kippu (ホリデーフリー切符)is an all-day ticket with unlimited rides available only on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. It is named “free”, because it gives you a freedom to get off at any stations you want.

* Both type A and B requires additional fee for express trains. All Station type does include express trains.

All Stations: 2,000 yen /adult (1,000 yen/ child)
Type A (Takanosu – Matsuba): 1,000 yen/adult (500 yen /child)*
Type B (Kakunodate –Aniai): 1,000 yen /adult (500 yen/child)*

Tickets are available at following locations:
  • Nairiku-sen Stations (Takanosu, Aikawa, Yonaizawa, Animaeda, Aniai,and Kakundoate)
  • Michi-no-eki Ani (Nearest ttation is Hitachinai)
  • Honjo Shoten (Market) near Kamihinokinai Elementary School. (Nearest station is Kamihinokinai)
  • Chuo Shokai ,Gas Station JOMO Hinokinai SS (Nearest station is Matsuba)
  • Nishiki Onsen Fureai Plaza Kurion (Nearest station is Saimyoji)
  • Kakundoate Plaza Hotel in Semboku City (Type A tickets are not available.)


lina said...

This sure looks like it'll be an interesting train ride.:)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, not so many people know about this deal, but it is actually very nice!