Nov 25, 2010

Hearty Winter Meals at Tazawako Heart Herb

Here is our recommendation of a place to stop by on your winter weekend excursion around Lake Tazawa:

Tazawako Heart Herb (田沢湖ハートハーブ)is a garden themed facility with a restaurant, souvenir shop, and green house. It is on a beautiful scenic point on Lake Tazawa, which would  be a refreshing stop-over for you!

During the summer, you will find more than 250 types of herbal plants in their outdoor patio and green house, all covered by colorful seasonal flowers. You will also spot bunnies nibbling and hopping around the garden.

Most plants here are dormant in winter ( from now till early April) but Tazawako Heart Herb is still open on weekends and holidays! In winter, Salato (サラート) offers you special meals!

Chef’s Recommendation:

A Choice of Noodles with Bacon and Vegetables
Served in Soybean Cream Sauce (900 Yen)

Noodles of your choice:

 Herb U-men

(Pronounced as in 'woo-men'.)

Thin Udon-type noodles with a blend of herb.
Specially produced by a factory of Inaniwa Udon (Akita's specialty Udon)


Tazawako B-men Noodles

Versatile thick rice noodle. A new specialty of Tazawako Area!

Main ingredient of the cream sauce is Ecotosu, a paste of soy bean ground in nano-size.

Soybeans are ground wholely, so that it does not produce okara (bean curd) whose large part is disposed as industrial waste in Japan. By grinding them whole, all the rich nutrients in soybeans could be included. It is also additive-free. That is why ecotosu is both eco-friendly and healthy at the same time.

Other items on menu:

Inaniwa Udon and Hinai Jidori Nabe Combo

A special combination in which you can enjoy two of Akita's specialties! Inaniwa Udon is a noodle (one of Japan's 3 major udon) and a hot pot of Hinai Jidori (a brand of chicken native to Akita).

1,200 yen

Kiritampo Nabe Combo

Kiritampo is typically served in a hot pot during winter. Enjoy this signature dish of Akita's winter.

1,200 yen

Fluffy Omelette with Gravy Sauce

850 yen

Curry with Spare Ribs over White Rice

950 yen

Tazawako Heart Herb is open from 10:00 till 16:00. Lunch is served between 11:00 and 14:30. 

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