Apr 2, 2010

Tazawako Heart Herb is Re-Opening!

It’s April. No matter how much the winter shogun clings on to stay bringing us the yet-frosty mornings and occasional frozen faucets, he has to go when he has to.

So, it looks like the Primavera is just around the corner! April is the time for many stores to re-open after the closure or the limited operation hours during the winter. Tazawako Heart Herb is one of the places long-awaited by many people. It is re-opening next weekend: Saturday April 10th.

Tazawako Heart Herb has been the most popular nature-themed facilities in Akita since its establishment in 1997. It is where hundreds of herbs and flowers are enjoyed from spring to the late autumn. Every April Heart Herb welcomes us with a large variety of flowers: rows and rows of tulips, field mustards, narcissuses, violas, and lilies. Christmas Roses, which usually blooms in winter, is one of the spring attractions Heart Herb Staffs are proud of.

Their greenhouse is what you could never miss while visiting Heart Herb. I promise, if you find flowers and plants relaxing and absorbing, you would certainly forget the time and want to stay there like forever. Instead, you’d probably walk out with a handful of new plants just like many of the locals do (including me).

Mexican Sage Bush in bloom last Autumn.

If you are lucky, you might catch some bunnies running around! Last year, they had a few of them jumping freely in the garden. I even caught one being targeted by a little snake! (Of course, I scared the predator away.) It just shows how peaceful and relaxing the garden is.

Walking into the building, you will feel the scent of herb teas and delicious foods. You might have already noticed that many Japanese love eating soft ice cream on cone! Yes, we do! Heart Herb’s specialty is Lemon Grass. You must try!

Last but not the least, Salato, the café and restaurant on the site is beautiful with a sparkling view of the lake. You can enjoy a delicious pastry and a cup of herbal tea blending your choices of herbs from 16 different kinds of herbs. The tea is refillable and you are allowed to try as many cups as you’d like! The space is turned into a buffet on weekends and satisfies us with almost 60 kinds of dishes in both fusion styles.

On your way out, don’t forget to pick up something for your special someone! They have many beautiful goods that many women would love! All sorts of aroma-related goods: soaps, incents, candles--- you name it!

They also offer activity courses for no more than 1,000 yen for those who are interested in arts and crafts. You can learn how to make herb soaps, lotions, and experience Washi, Japanese paper making.

We still have another week before they are opening. We can’t wait!

Tazawako Heart Herb
Business Hours:
10am- 4pm (Weekdays except for August)
9am-5pm (Weekends and August)

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