Apr 5, 2010

Public Transportation Schedule in Tazawako

I love the fact that the transportation in Japan is as punctual as it could be: and that is why we are proud of it: They are punctual, accurate, and trustworthy.

...But perhaps you might wish it was a bit less punctual so you could catch’em on time. (Me, included.)

Ever happened to you, that you missed your train because you didn’t know how to decode the characters? Or, you waited for 2 hours at an isolated bus stop just to make sure that you wouldn’t miss the only bus available that day?
We don’t want that to happen to you!!!

So here this is: Public Transportation Schedule in Tazawako!

Have this at hand while you travel around in Tazawako. Even if you forget to, do not worry. Just drop by at Folake, Tazawako Tourist Information Center located at JR Tazawako Station. We can give it to you with maps and other available hand-outs. See you there!


lina said...

This is great info for anyone planning to visit the area.

Hope many will benefit the info you gave here. :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Thank you :)