Apr 1, 2010

Omagari and Semboku Region on Youtube Channel

Did you know Tazawako is the northernmost of Mango producers?

                  .... I wish I could make up a better lie. :(

Yes, today is April 1st : The April Fool’s Day! Also, it is the first day of Japanese fiscal year. This year we are going to be working on  short videos on Tazawako and other Semboku City areas to suggest what you could enjoy while staying here.

To get a head start before us, Akita Prefectural Government Semboku Regional Office has just lauched a Youtube Channel with short videos of activities you can experience in Omagari and Semboku Area.

Like this one!

These informational videos are commissioned to a team of video makers and captioned in English as well. There are videos in no more than 15 sec. so you can take a real quick glimpse of what you could do in this region. There are activities that we hadn’t even discovered, so we are thrilled to see their updates in the future! Enjoy!

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