Sep 29, 2010

Tazawako B-men at Kyouei Paresu!

Tazawako’s new specialty: Tazawako B-Men Noodles!
Tazawako B-men (田沢湖B麺): Versatile rice noodle that is chewy and satisfying!

Many food products are created in order to encourage the rice consumption, which Akita is known as one of Japan’s #1 producers of. Inventing mouth-watering okazu and promoting it by innovative campaign, such as Jindai Curry, has been a great success! 

Tazawako B-men (not another local super hero like Jindai Curranger) is,  on the other hand, a product made from rice, not meant to go with rice. Tazawako B-men is made of Akita Komachi, an Akita’s signature brand of rice. B comes from three different meanings: Bifun (rice vermicelli in Japanese), Blue water, and Beauty of Lake Tazawa. This versatile noodles can be served in typical Japanese style, stir-fried like in Chinese style, or with pasta sauce like in Italian – you name it!

It has been introduced at some restaurants around Lake Tazawa, including Tazawako Kyoei (palace) Paresu, a popular restaurant and souvenir shop in Shirahama area (across from “Tazawako-han” bus stop). Packages of dried B-men noodle are sold at other souvenir shops as well, so you can try them at home.

Kitsune B-men (750 yen) is a popular menu that is available throughout the year.

The most popular style at Kyouei Paresu is in classic Japanese bonito broth like in udon and soba! Curry B-men (850 yen) is available on weekends and holidays. Kyouei Palace's chef introduces seasonal B-men dishes: Last summer was a Salad B-men (served cold with raw veggies) and Sansai Tororo B-men (served hot with mountain veggies with grated yam). This winter’s special has not been announced yet.

Sansai Tororo B-Men was available last winter.

Kyouei Paresu serves many dishes with local ingredients. Other than Akita’s specialties like Kiritanpo and Inaniwa Udon, original dishes like Hinai-jidori Ramen (900 yen) is an unique yet popular dish. Chinese noodle is served in Hinai-jidori (local broiler) broth with a hint of lemon. Very delicious!

Hinai-Jidori Ramen (900 yen)

Tazawako B-men is available at following restaurants:
Kyouei Paresu (共栄パレス)
Tazawako Heart Herb (田沢湖ハートハーブ)
Arupa Komakusa (アルパこまくさ)
Tazawako Rest House (田沢湖レストハウス)
Rurumetto  (ルルメット)

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