Apr 26, 2011

Network of Tourist Information Centers in Semboku City

There are three Tourist Information Centers in Semboku City just alone: FOLAKE Tazawako Tourist Information Center, Kakunodate Tourist Information Center, and Semboku City Tourist Information Center.


As you may know already, Semboku City is largely consisted of three areas: Tazawako, Kakunodate, and Nishiki. Among the three, the first two has independent Tourist Information Centers at Stations.

Tazawako Tourist Information Center FOLAKE (managed by us Tazawako Tourism Association) is where you can have maps, pamphlets, and other printed materials related to your trip . We also book hotels in Tazawako area, since most of the hotels/inns in Semboku City is located in Tazawako Area.

Kakunodate Tourist Information Center KURA (managed by Kakunodate Touris Association) is the counterpart in Kakunodate area, where Samurai Houses, shops, and restaurants are concentrated – a good destination for your daytrip while staying in Tazawako area.

Lastly, Semboku City Tourist Information Center is co-managed by the Prefecture and City government as well as Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo, whose railroad line goes through Nishiki area. Besides providing you a more comprehensive range of activities in Semboku City, Semboku City T.I.C also has a function as a travel agency. They sell package tours and activity plans to travelers.

They have just launched an official website (Japanese Only), on which you can see lists of travel-related products in Semboku City. The website gives you a good idea of what you can do while visiting in Semboku City.

Needless to say, Semboku City welcomes the most diverse guests from all over the world. We have staffs that can assist you in Japanese, English, and Korean; All three Tourist Information Centers are in close network. We are prepared to welcome you here!

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