Oct 27, 2009


The Japan's Largest Colony of Dogtooth Violet in Nishiki

Nishiki is a village area adjacent to Tazawako, also as a part of Semboku City.  Any visiter would feel as if she/he has slipped back in time in this picturesque scenery of rural Japan. Having 90 percent of the land consisting of forests and mountains, there are well-developted facilities and products incorporating the natural resources.  Nishiki is a home to one of the largest colony of Dogtooth Violet in Japan, covering the area of 20 ha. It is an exellent place where you can have hands-on experience on rural life.

(The Largest Chestnut of Japan, Saimyoji Guri)

(Paper Balloon Festival)

Photos Courtesy of Semboku City

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