Apr 5, 2011

Other Ways to Support the Tohoku Areas!

Thank you for all the support by donations to the Tohoku Area.
Now almost a month has passed since the devastating 3.11 earthquake.

Tourism and Entertainment Industries to Encourage People in Tohoku:

In the first few weeks, many businesses in Japan had voluntarily minimized the business to show the condolence and respect to the victims in the disaster-stricken areas. Some foreigners may have found this confusing, but this is according to the cultural code in Japan. Festivity in time of mourning is commonly considered to be rude in our Japanese culture. That refrainment affects even more severely in the tourism and entertainment industry. People are travelling and eating out less, which has been causing a significant secandary damage to our economy.

However, because this is a difficult time for everyone, such industries like tourims and entertainment should be showing perseverance. After all, it is what we do: to entertain, encourage, and inspire people! Those industries have an immense power bringing up the spirits of those who are in need!

Supporting Our Fellow Tohoku Areas from Here, Akita and Tazawako:

Many businesses in Tazawako Area have been persevering in this time of difficulty. For instance, Warabi-za Theater Company  has been promoting a new production, ATERUI, whose theme surprisingly coincides with the present circumstances. It is to inspire and encourage the Tohoku region in this difficult time. Hotels in Tazawako like Kyukamura Nyuto-Onsenkyo and Sanrokuso are accepting guests with adjusted price. Other smaller souvenir shops like Bee Skep have been keeping it up as well.

Akita Prefecture has been fortunate to have only minimum damage, except for the temporary shortage of water, electricity, and fuels. Akita Airport has been operating with increased number of flights to support the supply shipments. Many Akita people are volunteering and donating food and supplies to the affected areas. Meanwhile, the government has been arranging to sheltering evacuees from the disaster-stricken areas. Many evacuees are being sheltered at hotels in Tazawako area as well.

What Else We Can All Do to Support the Tohoku Industries:

All the news about disasters and radiation problems are scary enough to steer you away. Understandable! But here is our plea to you: Please do not forget that Tohoku is a beautiful country, where the most untouched nature and rustic villages are hidden. You would be welcomed in heartwarming unforgettable experiences!

So what else can we all do? The answer is simple: Keep up our normal life!

Like in April, we can go to hanami (“flower viewing”) and enjoy Tohoku's great sake, rice, vegetables, and fish! Eat out at your local restaurants and enjoy your food of Tohoku. Take a train trip! Check out some beautiful traditional crafts of Tohoku!

All these efforts (and enjoyment) would be a support to our farming, sake, fishing, transportation, and crafts industries in Tohoku!

So please continue and enjoy your support!

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