Apr 5, 2011

Warabi-za's New Production, ATERUI: A Story About Unity of Tohoku to Persevere in the Difficult Time

ATERUI is a new Warabi-za production which will open on April 10th. The play was originally created 10 years ago; now it has returned to the theater again with new casts to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Warabi-za’s establishment.

Recent weeks tourism and entertainment businesses still have been voluntarily restricting the operation, considering the current circumstances of national catastrophe (read related post), Warabi-za, on cotrast, has decided to continue this production, since the members strongly believe its theme has a message that would directly speaks to the mind of people at this time in need of unity and empowerment to reconstruct Tohoku region.

ATERUI, Warabi-za's New Production About Tohoku. (Photo/Warabi-za)

Warabi-za has decided to promote Aterui,
believing that the message would speak to the Tohoku in need of unity.
(Courtesy of Warabi-za)

Aterui was a military chief of "emishi", an indigenous ethnic group of Tohoku region. He is said to have led the troops in Iwate Prefecture to fight against the conquerors from the central Yamato government in attempt to protect the pride and dignity of the Tohoku people. His epic story has been told in folklores and historical literatures, as well as plays and anime in our modern times.

Warabi-za’s ATERUI is a musical play about him and his childhood friend, Tamuramaro, who now has been appointed as the Grand General of Conquering East-Barbarians (“emishi”). At the foot of Mt. Iwate, Aterui and Tamuramaro confronts to battle. In an attempt to remind his friend of the importance of  homeland, Aterui brings up an old conversation: 'emishi' must mean poem of a river that is as large as motherly love.

The story is themed around love and unity of humanity. Surprisingly, it perfectly coincides with the current circumstances of Tohoku area. That is why Warabi-za is proudly promoting this play...

April 10 - May 4, 2011. At Warabi-za Gekijo
May 14-15, 2011. At Iwate Shimin Kaikan
May 14th- March 2012. Tour in Japan.
Inquiries/Reservation: Warabi-za Yoyaku Center (TEL: 0187-44-3939)

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