Jul 7, 2011

Come to a Charity Concert in Beech Forest (July 17 & 18)

Kyukamura Nyuto Onsenkyo (休暇村乳頭温泉郷) is one of the 7 hot spring inns in Nyuto Onsen Area. It is the largest of them, which can accommodate as many as 112 people. It is located next to Nyuto Campground (乳頭キャンプ場and surrounded by a beautiful beech forest with some hiking routes around it. The hotel presents many exciting events throughout the year: hiking tours, eco-candle illuminations, local Sake tasting, etc. This month they will host the biggest event of the year!

Buna-no-Mori Concert (ブナの森コンサート)will be held on July 17 and 18th during the three-days holiday weekend. The main attraction is the concert, which will be held on both days in the surrounding secondary beech forest: The abundance of water and fresh wide leaves are said to create a beautiful effect in echoing the sounds. Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

Other recreational activities are hiking tours, catch-and-grill of Japanese chars, flowing cold Inaniwa Udon noodle, a stage performance by a local magician, star-watching, some food services and souvenir give-aways, etc.

This is a charity event, whose profit will be entirely donated to the disaster victims. The tickets are available for 1 Day or 2 Days. Pre-Sales tickets are available for cheaper prices. Check the details below.

Buna-no-Mori Concert (ブナの森コンサート)

July 17 & 18 At 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
At Nyuto Campground next to Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen-kyo
休暇村乳頭温泉郷 「乳頭キャンプ場」



1 DAY - 1,500Yen (Pre-Sale: 1,300 Yen) / 2 DAYS - 2,500Yen (Pre-Sale: 2,300Yen)


1DAY 750Yen(Pre-Sale:600Yen) / 2 DAYS 1,500Yen (Pre-Sale: 1,200Yen)

*Free for Child under 4 Years Old. It includes one admission to a hot spring.


Hot Spring Orienteering (July 17)

Hiking in the Beech Forest (July18)

*Both tours are about 2 hours. Please prepare your walking shoes and rainwear.

③ Sunday, July 17

10 a.m. Hot Springs Orienteering
    *Kyukamura Hotel – Kuroyu Onsen – Magoroku Onsen – Okama Onsen –
     Nyuto Campground
           * Call 0187-46-2244 for reservation.

11:00 a.m. Shop Area Opens

11:30 a.m. Tazawako Reimen Give-Away (First 100 guests)

      Catch and Grill of Iwana (Japanese Char)

12:00 p.m. Yama-no-imo Nabe Service

13:00 p.m. Ice Cream Making (Additional 200Yen)

14:00 p.m. Hot Springs Orienteering Awarding Ceremony

14:30 p.m. Concert in Beech Forest
      (Tazawako Friends Band, and other performers.)

15:30 p.m. Brabo Nakaya’s Magic Performance

16:30 p.m. Event Ends

④ Monday, July 18

10:00 a.m. Hiking in the Beech Forest
                 Nyuto Campground – Tsurunoyu Canyon – Tsurunoyu Annex
                 *2 hrs tour / Call 0187-46-2244 for reservation.

11:00 a.m. Shops Open

11:30 p.m. Local Fresh Vegetables Give-Aways (First 100 guests)

12:00 p.m. Kiritanpo-nabe Service and Inaniwa-Udon Nagashi
13:00 p.m. Lamp Shade Making (Additional 200Yen)

14:30 p.m. Concert in Beech Forest
      (Local traditional music and dance, Warabi-za, etc)

16:30 p.m. Event Ends


① Buna-no-Mori Concert / Brabo Nakaya Magic Performance

② Ice Cream Making / Lamp Shade Making

③ Catching Japanese Chars

④ Shops (Vegetables, Local Specialties, Grilled Japanese Chars, etc.)

⑤ Inaniwa Udon Nagashi (Flowing Cold Udon)

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