Jul 9, 2010

Candle Night at Kyukamura

Kyukamura Hotels, National Park Resort Villages, are lodging facilities that are situated at 36 areas—all located in national and quasi-national parks. While submerged in the nature and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, you can discover the culture of the local people.

"Kyukamura Nyuto Onsenkyo"

 With no doubt, Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen is one of the most eventful hotels in Tazawako area.

On the night of Geshi (夏至) or summer solstice, Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen had hosted an event called Candle Night.

The hotel organized recreational, basically to promote the awareness on the sustainability in our environment.

In this event— Instead of turning electric lights in the facility to the lowest, it is lit by hundreds of candles prepared in clear plastic bottles. Meanwhile, the guests can participate in activities which aim to promote the idea of minimizing CO2 emission.

Mr. Ninomiya, Kyukamura Nyuto Onsen Manager, told us that they were the head-starter of all Hokkaido-Tohoku Kyukamura Hotels-- That’s why they are extremely excited and proud to host this new event.

The recreational activities included star observation and craft activities using recycled materials. Due to the weather condition, the outdoor activities were alternated with a video screening about the nature observation in the surrounding forest.

"Eggs of Japanese Green Frog. Late May"

Another such event will be held on the day of winter solstice.

Events like this would make your stay more than just an accommodation, don’t you agree?

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