Jul 12, 2011

Spreading the Smiles from Akita! Tourism Promotion Event in Akita City

Over the weekend on June 9 and 10th, there was a tourism event at AEON Mall in Akita City. Organized by Akita Tourism Federation, many tourism associations in Akita Prefectures had joined together at this event in an effort to inspire and encourage Akita residents to travel.

A Tourism Event at AEON Mall Akita on July 9 & 10

The main attraction of the event was a performance of Donpanbushi dance from Daisen City. Donpanbushi is perhaps one of the most known minyo (folk song) dances of Japan. People might not know how to dance to it, but they will probably recognize the song. The dancers group performed the most common version, original version, and the latest rock version.

At the site, there were three mascot characters from different cities in Akita Prefecture: Sugicchi, Tanpo-komachi-chan, and our Tazawako’s character, Takko-chan! Also, two Namahage were there to scare children that was welcomed and rather enjoyed by the accompanying parents, because the tradition has a meaning to teach children to behave and listen to their parents.

Takko-chan is by far the most popular for children! There were many children who came running to hug her. There were a few who wouldn’t let her go!

Takkochan making many friends...

The event is also a part of the government campaign called “Nippon-no-Egao, Akita-kara” – Smiles of Japan, (Spreading)From Akita. The photos of smiles were photographed and later they will be posted on the campaign website.

At our booth, we gave away 200 coupons (such as free bathing at onsen, free coffee, discount on onsen) as well as flyers of the upcoming local festiva, Tazawako Festival. We hope many more people will visit Tazawako!

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