Apr 9, 2010

Sashimaki Mizubasho Colony Update!

The Mizubasho Festival in Sashimaki is opening tomorrow until May 4th. It was such a lovely weather today, so we went to check out how much they have grown. Mizubasho, Japanese Skunk Cabbage (no stink!) are showing more flowers now!
This is going to be the merriest festival in Sashimaki Area! The locals have been preparing prefab tents for warm and quick food and souvenirs.

More and more showing...

Young Mizubasho

Zazenso ("Plant of Meditation") Does it look like a monk in meditation? I kinda get it now..

Souvenirs and Yama-No-Imo Nabe is going to be served here.

The toilets are available.

Souvenirs being prepared for sale.

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