Apr 12, 2010

Sashimaki Mizubasho Colony: Festival Map

The Mizubasho Festival is now on! It is the merriest community festival for the residents in Sashimaki area. The flower of Mizubasho is rarely seen in Honshu Island, so please don’t miss this chance to take a glimpse of them.

Here is the official map of Mizubasho Festival 2010.

You can also download PDF with some English annotations.

There are some traditional musical performances on stage and rice-cake making (pounding the sweet rice with a big pestle and a mortar.) Some stands of local foods and souvenirs are available as well. The festival continues until May 4th this year.


TimE said...

I am thinking to go to this festival, but if I go, I would also like to hike in the area. Is it possible to hike over GW or is it too cold?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

The temperature is about 10 degree in Celsius now, so it won't be cold at all. GW is probably the best time for you to hike around:) Enjoy!

TimE said...

Just a follow-up on this post. I am planning to stay at Nyuto Onsen and then hike to the top of Nyuto Mountain. I guess this will be an all day trip correct? Will there still be snow on the mountain?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Are you coming to Tazawako Area this month? If so, Mt. Nyuto is closed until the end of May, so you won't be able to hike up there. There is still snow remaining in Nyuto area at this point (April 20th).

Where are you planning to stay? You will be probably be able to hike around Kyuka-mura Nyuto Onsen. Hiking around Tsurunoyu, which is sort of isolated from the rest of Nyuto inns, would be difficult.

Hope this would be useful information.