Apr 13, 2010

A Night at Motoyu Mizusawa Sanso

Motoyu Mizusawa Sanso is one of the most popular lodging inns in Mizusawa area. Last week, Mr. Miyazaki, the manager of Motoyu Mizusawa Sanso invited us to stay overnight so we can learn about the facility:)

Mizusawa Onsen Kyo is one of the 4 Onsen areas in Tazawako. (Other three are Nyuto, Tazawako Kogen, and Tamagawa.) Not to mention, Rotenburo Mizusawa Onsen and Motoyu Mizusawa Onsen are probably one of the most visited Onsen facilities in Mizusawa, and they are managed by the same company, Tsukamoto Sogyo.

The front


The lobby. Free wire-less internet available.

Upon arriving to Sanso, we were welcomed by Mr. Miyazaki. We were kindly asked to remove our shoes off and check in with the clerk. After filling in the check-in form, we received our keys. Room 102.

Fill out the form please!

Our Room 102

Ours was a Japanese style room with Tatami mats. A set of Yukata (cozy and light cotton kimono to wear after a bath), towels, and a toothbrush are provided. The room is equipped with a sink and a toilet room, and we found complementary tea.
Cozy room with Tatami Mats.

There is a sink near the window. You can see the lake from here.

Yukata, a towel, and a toothbrush.

A lovely tea set!

You can decide whether you take a bath before your dinner, but we decided to jump in to the hot bath first! If you chose staying in Tazawako, you must be here for a reason: a bed, meals and Onsen! The bathing area is consisted of two baths, indoor and outdoor. The water has a milky color and it is sulfur based. The smell isn’t bad at all. The water is soft and makes your skin so smooth!

Uchiburo (Indoor Bath)

Rotenburo (Outdoor Bath)

The dinner!

Each Okazu (side dish) was delicious and beautifully presented. Tazawako is an area famous for abundant resource of wild delicacies like Bakkya (Butterbur Sprout), Taranome(Shoots of Japanese Angelica-tree), and wild mushrooms. You gotta try them while you are here!

The food awaits!


Wild mushroom on the right.

Taranome, Bakkya and others!
All battered and deepfried (Tempura) so it all looks the same.. but all so good!

Chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard dish) served in this cute cup. Girls' favorite!

Hirokko (similar to chive) is available only in this season!

Light soy-sauce based soup.

In Japan when the dinner is served with alcoholic drinks, they tend to serve it without a bowl of white rice. (Has anyone noticed?) It is because many people commonly assume a combination of Carbs and alcoholic drinks (often beer) is fattening. But, if you are in Akita, you have to have white rice and sake! We are the #1 premium quality rice makers. If you don’t here, where would you? Take my advice, ask for a bowl of rice (“Gohan kudasai.”) and ask for extra bowl of rice (“Okawari Kudasai”). Try!

Sake, beer, wine, or soft drink.
Okay, back to Sanso’s dinner. They also have a selection of locally brewed beer and California wine as well. (Mr. Miyazaki used to live in Santa Barbara, USA, so it’s natural, no? And, yes, he does speak English, so go find him! He’s a friendly man!)

After the satisfying dinner, Mr. Miyazaki has offered us a special drink: La Chante, Sparkling Sake from Suzuki Shuzo.

The polishing rate is 65% and the alcohol content is 8%.
All made of Akita's #1 rice brand, Akita Komachi.

Believe me! It's so good...
This is one of the most-rumored sake brand, recently introduced by the Hideyoshi maker, Suzuki Shuzo. La Chante is very popular and hard to find in store. This night we take our honor to taste this precious liquor for the first time.

Mmm… One word to describe this would be“dangerous”! ---Because it is so fruity and smooth that you don’t even realize how fast you are drinking! No wonder it has been disappearing from the stores in town!

The night is over. When we return to the room, we found our bed (a set of Futon) neatly prepared. We were so fast and sound asleep!

And the morning comes!

The breakfast was in a conventional Japanese style with ham and egg, miso soup, fish, some veggies, seaweed, Natto, and a bowl of white rice. It was very satisfying and energizing to prepare for the day.

Breakfast :)

Egg and ham on a clay-pot.

Sanso's original package of Nori (dried seaweed)!

The cafeteria! Wish you could see the lake in this photo..
Sorry for not being able to show you well.

One thing I couldn’t fail to mention is the view from cafeteria! We didn’t realize how beautiful it was the night before because our dinner was after dark. Our sleepy eyes were wide open with a stunning view! Lake Tazawa was showing us this unforgettable sight with fog overflowing through the mountains as if it were a huge Rotenburo (outside bath) of the milky hot spring.

Rotenburo Mizusawa Onsen is a popular site to stop over for hikers, cyclists, and skiers alike, to get refreshed with a soak in the outdoor bath (rotenburo) for only 500 yen. You can also stay overnight and cook for yourselves.

But again, if you would like to have an overnight accommodation with meals, which I highly recommend, try Motoyu Mizusawa Sanso. You can decide between an overnight accommodation with two meals or one meal (dinner or breakfast). While you stay at Sanso, you are allowed unlimited access to Rotenburo Mizusawa Onsen as well.

Motoyu Mizusawa Sanso:
Overnight Rate /Person 
With 2 meals: 9,390- 9,915 yen
With Dinner: 8,340- 8,740 yen
With Breakfast: 7,500-8,025 yen

Rotenburo Mizusawa Onsen
Overnight Rate /Person: 3,600 – 4,800 yen
(The kitchen is equipped with dishes.
Please bring in your own silverware, heating equipments, food and seasonings. )
Day-trip (Higaeri) Rate/Person: 500 Yen (200 Yen for a child)
Business Hours: 9am- 9pm

*Prices suggested above may vary.


lina said...

Oooo I envy you so much.

Love the view - it must be soooo nice soaking in hot water while looking at the snow outside.

The room rates looks pretty affordable too

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yes. A soak in hot spring when the snow is falling is simply the best!

And yes the room rate for the quality of food and service is pretty good!