Apr 14, 2010

Que? Ke? New Tazawako Posters!

“Ke” (け) is a common dialect of Tohoku region, which has various meanings depending on the context of conversation. In our region, “Ke” can be used as a second person imperative form with two meanings of “to eat” and also “to come”, as in “Kore ke” meaning “(You) eat this” and “(Koko) sa ke” meaning “You come here.”

I know. It’s so easy, isn’t it? This is only one of the many examples of one-word expression in our Akita dialect. Try this classic example: “Ne ne ne ne” (We have to go to sleep, don’t we?) Lol

Here, in the latest version of Tazawako's posters, the meanings of “Ke” are explained with photos of what you can “come” to see and “eat” in Tazawako!

Left: “Ke” (Come) and see the beautiful alpine flowers in Mt.Komagatake!
Right: “Ke” (Eat) these delicious specialties from Tazawako Area!

Mt. Komagatake is dubbed as Hana-No-Meisan, Great Mountain of Flowers.There you can enjoy a wide variety of alpine flowers! Green season is still a bit away, but be prepared! June 1st is the opening day ;)

This second one was shot at Kata-Bunko, a former elementary school branch in Kata Area.
Takko-chan, our local character  and Ms. Yuko Chiba, the keeper of Kata-Bunko. The building is open for public for free, but 300 yen donation is greatly welcomed! The site is 2-3 minutes drive from the lakeside. The wooden building looks as if it was a film set. In the moment you step in, the building will evoke the sense of nostalgia!

Scanning down..

An array of delicious food on the table:

Yama-No-Imo Nabe
Ajara Nabe
Hanjuro's Mochi (Rice Cakes)
Tazawako B-Men (Thick Rice Noodle)
Miso-Tanpo (Broiled Rice Paste on Cedar Skewer with Sweet Miso)
Pickles of Various Kinds
Soba-Goro's Cold Soba (Buckwheat Noodle)
Bee Skep's Honey Pudding, Cream Puffs, and Castella
Kawauo-No-Chaya's Yaki-Iwana-No-Sakura-Zushi 
(Pressed Sushi with Japanese Char garnished with Cherry Blossoms)
Niji-No-Buta (Rainbow Pork)
Iwana (Japanese Char) Simmered in Sweet Soy Sauce
Tazawako Nijimasu (Raibow Trout) Chips

The posters are distributed to be displayed in Tokyo and the neighboring prefectures. The posters (especially the second one) have unique looks, so hopefully they will catch many people's attention!

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