Apr 15, 2010

Businesses are Reopening: Tazawako Heart Herb

This weekend was special because many re-opened after the winter closure. Tazawako Heart Herb and Murakko Bussankan in Nishiki Area are among them!

The green house, Seeds, is full of fresh herbs and spring flowers! You could smell them when entering the house.

Tazawako Heart Herb had give-aways to the first 50 visitors this day! It was seeds of Nadeshiko (Dianthus)!

The staffs at Tazawako Heart Herb are all knowledgeable and very friendly. Ask about a plant, or a description of what kind of plant you want, they will refer you to a perfect one! Even if you are on a trip and you don't want to buy any live plant, you would enjoy talking about it with the staffs! You might walk out of the greenhouse with your hands empty but with your heart full with inspirations!

The herb seedlings such as rosemaries, thymes, basils, mints, lavenders---- the list goes on.

Shibazakura (Moss Pink) is one of the popular kind for gardeners in Japan.

How amazing one heuchera has so many colors in variety!

Do some wood crafts and arts here!

The souvenir shop offers you many cute things, and it is hard to walk out with your hands empty! They have so many different kinds of goods themed in herbs and aromatherapy. On the other side, items such as mug cups, key chains, cookies, stuffed animals and goods from Studio Ghibli.

The entrance to the restaurant and souvenir shop.

Totoro welcomes you.


Some local traditional crafts like Kakunodate's cherry bark crafts (kabazaiku) and painted clay bells (kitaura dorei) can be found as well.

This place is known as a place where you can meet bunnies as well. You can also find items themed in rabbits :)

At "School of Herb", you can experience activities such as making soaps, small pillows, air freshner, etc.

The restaurant, Salato, offers you to-go drinks and snacks as well.
You can also choose to buy dried herbs for your tea at home.


Tazawako Heart Herb is located at Lake Tazawa, where you can see the lake very beautifully !

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