Apr 8, 2010

Butterbur Sprout Festival at Murakko Bussankan!

Fukinoto (Petasites hybrid) is one of the wild delicacies found after the melting snow. It is commonly known as Butterbur in English, and Bakkya in our Akita dialect. The basal bracts are enjoyed in various dishes especially in Tohoku region. Just before it opens up and shows the spiky flowers is the perfect timing for cooking. The young soft bracts are cooked in dishes like Tempura and Miso soup, but Akita's ultimate favorite is Bakkya-miso.

Murakko-Bussankan is a store in Nishiki Area, where the local people co-operatively sell agricultural and crafty goods. There is a booth available for you to enjoy dishes like fresh buckwheat noodles and soft ice cream of their original flavors. (Try their seasonal flavors of spinach, chestnut, and buckwheat!)

Autumn is the season for wild mushrooms!

The leaves of Wasabi (Japanese Horseradish) is delicious. Have you tried?

Help yourself with Nishiki's Saimyoji-guri (Chestnut known for the gigantic size).  Available in late autumn.

Themed event is planned on the third Sundays on every month. April is Butterbur Sprout.

Just catch any worker there! They will answer you enthusiastically.

April 11th is the opening day after the winter closure. There will be Bakkya Festival. They welcome you with a various Bakkya dishes along with other seasonal delicacies. The locals have been waiting for it all winter long, so it will be quite an event!

Murakko Bussankan
Business Open: April to November 9:00am- 17:00pm
TEL: Japan +81-187-47-2205
(Inquiries in English: sasaki@tazawako.com)

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