Apr 7, 2010

Official Website of "Atomu", Warabi-Za's New Play

Warabi-Za is the local theater company Semboku City is proud of. I wrote a post on their new play that's coming out in April 17th, "Atomu" based on the Japan's #1 Anime pioneer Astro Boy!

The company just released an official website of "Atomu".  It seems there will be photos and videos on the website. Too bad, it's only in Japanese at this moment; but, perhaps later the site might go international after a huge success domestically.  Let's cross our fingers, but I bet it will!

According to the website, Osamu Tezuka was an enthiastic supporter of the company. Since the founder's wife, Yuko Hara, had met Tezuka in a college performance group, Tezuka had been considerate as a supportive member of Warabi-Za community. (Wow! Who knew?)

There is tons of interesting facts you could learn from the website, so stay in tune!

Official Websie of "Atomu": http://www.warabi.jp/atom/special/

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