Apr 7, 2010

Camp Sites and Rent-A-Cycle in Tazawako (Map)

Spring through autumn is called Green Season in Japan, obviously named after the color in mountains. Although the calendar is April, which is supposed to be the beginning of Green season, Akita doesn't seem to be in the Green Season yet. But it is surely on its way!

During the Green Season, a dozens of campers visit Tazawako Area. It has been popular among backpackers from many other countries as well. It is relaxing and, you can do it in any way you like. No need to worry about custom differences when it comes to being in the nature! You don’t need to bring anything ---tents, lights, mats, and even some food in some cases--- it’s easier than you think!

Campsites in Tazawako Area:

Tazawako has more than a few camp sites near the lake and up on the plateau (Nyuto and Mizusawa Areas). Some areas are simply open  and easily accessed to clean water and toilets; other areas have cottages and bungalows equipped with a set of furniture and electrical goods (even shower rooms!). You can camp however you would like! If you are there to go wild and explore, you can set up a tent, cook and sleep outdoor! If you prefer sleeping indoors on a bed, you can choose cottages and bungalows!

You don’t even have to stay overnight to enjoy a variety of recreational activities. Tazawako Camground offers a variety of outdoor activities like canoeing, kayaking, and trekking in the mountains. You can also play tennis in a court, take a hike, and ride your bike around the lake!
Each camping area have its own fee and location. Here is a map!

Camp Sites and Rent-A-Cycle in Tazawako

より大きな地図で Camping/Rent-a-cycle in Tazawako を表示


lina said...

You seemed to read our minds.

Both Zaini and I talked about checking out the campsite for our second night.

How much is the rate for cottages there?

At the rate we are planning now, we probably need to spend a week there instead of just 2 nights! LOL

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Lol sure I read your mind. hahaha
Well, the cottages are here: Katamae-yama Shinrin Koen

They have cottages and bungalows. Cottages have three types and the prices varies. They are equipped with bed, shower, TV, kitchen, and refridgerator, pots and pans, tablewares, and heater. Everything else you need is available for a little charge (a few hundred yen)All you need is food!

Bungalows are so much more simpler but not equipped with many things. So cottages might be the one for you.

I called them to check the price differences but they weren't available. But the website says one cottage per night is between 9,000 - 13,000 yen. I think it really could be a great option for you!

lina said...

I've checked the site. Looks interesting. :)

BTW, I don't know if you can play tag but there's a tag for you here .

Alicia said...

Hi, I am going to Japan this November with my husband and am planning to explore Tazawako on 7 November, Tuesday. We will very much like to set up a tent and camp around the lake. However, I understand that the campgrounds are only open till 3 or 4 November. Is there any other way we can camp around the area?
Thank you!

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