May 16, 2011

Sign Up for the Outrigger Canoeing Tour at Tazawako Campground !

If the main purpose of your visit to Tazawako is experiencing the nature, Tazawako Campground (田沢湖キャンプ場would be the door to many different outdoor activities! Besides managing the Campgrounds and Katamaeyama Forest Park, they also offer outdoor activity tours like Canoeing & Kayaking, Trekking and riding Mountain Bikes!

In April, Tazawako Campground came back with a new canoe tour, Outrigger Canoeing Tour!

An Outrigger Canoe is a type of canoe featuring one or more lateral support to float on water -- they are like the safety wheels of bicycles!

Tazawako Campground's Outrigger Canoeing Tour

This tour is recommended for the river boat beginners. It would give you a different experience than riding on the paddling boats or the Pleasure Boats. If you would prefer a private relaxing moment with your group, we definitely recommend this tour!

Saturday, May 21st
Saturday, June 4th
Sunday, July 24th
Sunday, September 4th

4,500 Yen (Including Insurance / Rentals)

A group of 4-8 people (older than 4 yrs-old)  can sign up.

Dress Appropriately:

Prepare to get wet!
No Cotton shirts / Jeans.
Wearing a swimsuit under your T-shirt is recommended.
Rainwear, Shoes (No Flip-flops), a hat, change of cloth, towels, sunscreens, etc.

0187-43-2990 (TEL/FAX)

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