May 16, 2011

Main Casts of Warabi-za's Latest Play, Omoide Poroporo.

Warabi-za plays feature excellent actors! As we have mentioned before, the Warabi-za’s actors are highly selective from all over Japan! They are trained to act, sing, and dance!

Mieno and Usui play Toshio and Taeko.

In Omoide Poroporo (おもいでぽろぽろ), Ryoko Usui (碓井 涼子) plays Taeko, who takes a journey to rediscover herself in rural country of Tohoku. Usui is originally from Toyama Prefecture. She gained nationwide popularity in the 2005 tour of Ginga-tetsudo-no-Yoru (銀河鉄道の夜) for a supporting role. Her latest accomplishment was playing Maria in Atomu (“Astro Boy”) last year. She is known for her physical beauty and her angelic singing.

Mieno Aoi (三重野 葵)plays Toshio, who Taeko meets in Yamagata. Mieno is a native of Semboku City, Akita Pref. He debuted in 2002. He played the main role in “Bocchan” in an opening of Bocchan Gekijo, a Warabi-za’s satellite theater in Ehime Pref. At home, he has played two roles in Atomu and participated in the national tour!

Warabi-za actors can act, sing, and dance! Warabi-za themes are taken from the Japanese traditional culture (especially reflecting the rich arts of Tohoku region). The actors are trained to play instruments and dance in the traditional manner. Their musical performances leave you an unforgettable impression, transcending languages and cultures!


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