Aug 9, 2010

Kayaking Near the Obonai Hydraulic Plant

Obonai Hydraulic Plant (生保内発電所) is known for its early 20th century modern architecture built in 1939. Its façade is made of reinforced-concrete; its roof reflects the sunlight --so easy to find even from a distance. However, a few people know the place as a hidden spot for river sports fans!

It is located a few minutes away from JR Tazawako Station on the way to Kakunoate Area. Immediately after a small bridge over an emerald river, a narrow driveway appears on your right — Watch out for traffic!

Obonai Hydraulic Plant
Cars coming from different parts of Japan.

As seen from the front of the plant, the water is crystal-clear and emerald in the sun.

Under a bridge

Why Kayaking/ Canoeing at a Hydraulic Power Plant in Tazawako ?

Every summer, we see many cars coming from different parts of Japan (like Tokyo and Hokkaido) loaded with colorful unfamiliar equipments.

The local people would say "wow, those people come all the way from the cities just for the river.... but why?” Last week we finally had a chance to find out the answer -- we were invited to the power plant!

To answer our question, a man replied "The flow is constant; the water amount is controlled; and the water is clean -- These are the qualities that we are so crazy about! Here in Tazawako, you have them all!"

The Obonai Hydraulic Plant constantly releases 60 tons per minute at this place. He stressed that "more than anything, the constant volume of water is important for the safety." 

Tazawako Area is accessible from Tokyo Area. He says that a place with such excellent conditions is hard to find within a few hours from the Metropolitan area! This place is not so far from Hokkaido, either. That is why people travel to meet here from different parts of Japan.

Aha! Our mystery is solved!


Communting to Tazawako Every Weekend!

Many of these people regularly come back to Tazawako! Some even return every single weekend -- Like this girl (photo above) comes from Tokyo and even bought a car to drive around here on the weekend.

A man who invited us on this day originally come from Tokyo as well. He stresses on the beauty of Akita and says that he moved here because of his passion for Kayaking and Festivals!

Where Can You Sign Up for the Outdoor Experience in Tazawako?

Tazawako Campground offers you a variety of outdoor tours to explore the natural environment in Tazawako Area. In the Canoe/Kayacking tours, the instructors will show you not only the basic techniques but also the better understanding of the surrounding environment. The tours are designed for participants of all-levels, so you do not need any previous knowledge or equipments!

Find out more at Tazawako Campground Website.

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