Aug 11, 2010

Parade of the Tozawa Clan in Nishiki

The Tozawa Family (戸沢氏) took control of Nishiki and Kakunodate areas, while given the title of Sengoku Daimyo, the lord to rule the country of the hereditary land holdings.

An annual festival to commemorate their governance is held in late August: It has become a signature summer event of Nishiki Area.

The main attraction of event, Tozawa-shi Matsuri (戸沢氏祭),  is a parade of 200 people dressed up in costumes of the Samurai period-- led by the lord on a horse with his generals and people under the dominion in the territory.

The parade is followed by a commendation ceremony and traditional performances, Tozawa Sasara (戸沢ささら) and the Ando Brothers (安藤兄弟).
Sasara(ささら) is a type of lion dance, as is called Shishimai (獅子舞) in most regions in Japan. The name, Sasara, derives from the type of wooden musical instrument commonly used during the dance. There are many styles of Sasara in Akita prefecture, which varies in styles and costumes. Tozawa Sasara is one of the variations. This event is a rare opportunity to see the dance.


Tozawa Sasara

The Ando Brothers are a musical unit who brings in their original performances using the traditional Japanese instruments.

Evening event will be following with Bon-Odori (a dance by participants in circle) and Toro-Nagashi (floating the paper-lantern on the river water). The finale will be the fireworks!

Bon-Odori, in which participants dance in a circle.


Finale with the fireworks!

Date: Tuesday August 17th, 2010.
Time: 13:30 - 19:30 p.m.
Event Site: Hinokinai-Gawa Kasen Koen (桧木内川河川公園)

Event Schedule:
13:30 Parade Departs
14:00 Opening of the Event Site
14:30 Fish-Catching
15:30 Parade Enters.
15:50 Commendation Ceremony
16:00 Neiga Show
16:50 Traditional Performances
          (Tazawa Sasara and The Ando Brothers)
18:00 Bon-Odori (The Bon Dance)
19:00 Toro-Nagashi (Floating Paper Lanterns)
19:30 Firework Show

*All the pictures are courtesy of Semboku City

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