Jul 1, 2011

The Phoniest Magician of Japan Entertained the Evacuees in Semboku City

Brabo (Bravo) Nakaya (ブラボー中谷)is a famous magic performer of Akita Prefecture. He has come to Komagatake Kanko Hotel on June 27th to have an entertainment show for the group of 75 evacuees!

Who is Brabo Nakaya? – “The Phoniest Magician of Japan”

Brabo Nakaya is a very popular talent in Akita!

Believe it or not, (or you probably get an idea in the video above) he is known for the phony tricks and irresistible silly jokes! He humbly admits his inadequate (?) magic skills and even calls himself “the Phoniest Magician of Japan.” He has appeared on TV and commercials, as well as on stages all over Akita Prefecture and in other prefectures. In 2007, he made it to Los Angeles, USA! Wherever it is, he performs in our proud Akita dialect with the same old silly jokes!

According to his website, Brabo Nakaya started his career as a magician 20 year ago when he was hospitalized for his jaw injury. He began entertaining the children in the pediatrician ward by showing some tricks; instead, he found himself encouraged by the patients in return and convinced to become a professional magician. His popularity must have come from this exuding spirit in cheering up other people!

Brabo Nakaya and his company

Brabo Nakaya Entertained the Evacuees in Tazawako Area

Brabo Nakaya has come to perform for the evacuees on June 27th at Komagatake Kanko Hotel in Tazawako Kogen Plateau. A doll of Hinaijidori (Akita’s local specialty chicken brand) out of his handkerchief; his assistant/ wife flew in the air (?) –his stage was full of laughter and applause! He commented, “even if it’s difficult, I want them to smile. Even for a split second, .I would be very happy to deliver them a small comfort to clear the mind.”

His uplifting and compassionate character is the real essence of performers!

"Ganbattemasu" (We are keeping it up.)

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