May 23, 2011

Learn How to Make Miso-Tanpo, Akita's Local Specialty, in Tazawako

One of Akita’s local specialties, Kiritanpo (きりたんぽ), is said to have originated in Kazuno (鹿角) and Odate area (大館). Miso-tanpo (味噌たんぽ) is, on the other hand, said to have originated in Tazawako Area.

Kiritanpo and Kiritanpo-nabe (hot pot)

Miso-tanpo originated in Tazawako Area

The Akita’s rice (often Akita-komachi;あきたこまち) is cooked, mashed, and formed into cylinders around skewers of Akita Sugi (秋田杉), then toasted on an open hearth. Kiritanpo is typically served in a soup with vegetables and chicken as in Kiritanpo-nabe (きりたんぽ鍋). Miso-tanpo (みそたんぽ) is, instead of cooking taking the toasted rice off the skewer, the rice is toasted with sweetened miso paste and served with the skewer.

At Tazawako Kyoei Paresu, you can have a learning experience in making the Miso-tanpo! From mashing the rice to toasting it on the charcoals, the staff will give you step by step instructions. You can also buy souvenirs, have lunch, and observe Akita dogs and other protected species of birds in cages here. It is located in Shirahama Area.

Miso-Tanpo Making Experience
Date: Until June 30th
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.
Fee: 350 yen
Available for Groups of more than 4 peo
Revervation :

(Photo Courtesy of Tabiyori)

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