May 24, 2011

World Challenge Day is Tomorrow! What Will You Do?

TIFISA World Challenge Day is an international competition day of sports and physical activities, in which communities around the world take a part to compete against one another. It aims to raise the awareness and motivate the people to be more actively engaged in physical activities starting from only 15 minutes a day.

The event originally started in Canada in 1983 and more than 600 communities participated and continued the event for 11 years. As a result, it is reported that the number of people who involve in physical activity more than 2 times a day has jumped from 5 to 35%. Japanese communities have been involved in this event since 1993. Today 103 municipal communities around Japan have been involved in this event.

Every year on the last Wednesday of May from noon to 9 p.m., participants get involved in physical activity for at least 15 minutes. Any types of physical activities are included; not only team sports (e.g. baseball) but also physical engagements in farming and construction can be counted. Later, the proportion of participants in each community is calculated and competed with another.

This is the first year that Semboku City has sign up for this event. Tomorrow, May 25th, there will be an opening ceremony in Kakunodate area, welcoming a well-known Akita-born swimmer, Hiroko Nagasaki. (She is known for her remarkable achievement as the youngest Olympian at the age of 12 as well as her continuous success in both Los Angeles and Seoul Olympic Games).

What Will We Challenge?

Staffs at Tazawako Tourism Association (that is We) are challenging Sansai-tori, Mountain Vegetables Picking! Who said that can’t be a physical activity? It will require a great deal of physical endurance: squatting, picking, throwing in the basket, and carrying the abundant findings! OH MY!

…We have been extremely excited!

We will find them!

  The official T-shirt.


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