May 25, 2011

Seasonal Pizzas of Restaurant ORAE at Lake Tazawa

Restaurant ORAE is known for its unique menu. They offer the original craft beer, Kohan-no-mori Beer, which has won numerous national awards. It is also where a scene of Korean Drama IRIS was filmed.

A scene from IRIS was filmed at ORAE

The seat is now on display.

 The ORAE foods are mainly pizzas and pastas. The menu differs seasonally. Here are some ORAE’s pizzas you can try in this season!

From the Top:

Cheese Pizza
with arious typse of cheeses

Snow Pea Pizza
 with bacon

MIX Pizza
with mushrooms and onions

Tazawa-no-daichi (The Earth of Tazawa) Pizza
Asparagus, green onion, and sausages

All of them are delicious and satisfying!

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