May 17, 2010

Tatsuko Chaya: Birth Place of Miso-Tanpo

Tatsuko Chaya (たつこ茶屋) is a restaurant located at Lake Tazawa. It is one of the cherry blossom viewpoints in Tazawako Area. When you drive around the lake -- say, when you are driving clockwise on the map -- the restaurant comes up after the road through the foresty area. There is a large parking lot with a big sign, so you will find it easily!

Tatsuko Chaya (たつこ茶屋)

The signs are  very easy to spot out.

On the shore there is a yacht dock. There are only a few cherry trees, but the contrast of pink petals and blue water is stunning! There is a gazebo on a hill from which you can see a panoramaic view of the lake. No wonder it is one of the most popular stop-over for drivers and cyclists around the lake :)

A yacht dock at Tatsuko Chaya

Yacht and boat fans gather here and enjoy the short summer.

The gazebo on a hill has a beautiful view.

The stairs are steep, so watch your steps!

This restaurant is the birth place of Miso-tanpo, pounded Akita-Komachi rice is toasted on Akita-sugi skewer  wood charcoal coated by sweetened miso. Today you can try it at  many places in Semboku City

Osawa is an area where fishery and farming industry flourished at the same time. You can find traces of the regional history at Tatsuko Chaya as well.
This wooden boat is in a process of restoration by some local volunteers who aim to retain the culture and scenery in Tazawako. This is a wooden boat, which had been traditionally used for fishery in the lake.

A traditional wooden boat.

Shell mounds! Traces of the traditional way of life at the lake.


A man was drying some sansai (mountain vegetables).
Tatsuko Chaya (たつこ茶屋)Open from 9:30 to 16:50.
Closed in winter (October to April) and on some irregular days.


lina said...

You know Kozue, by reading your updates, we're having difficulties on having to decide what to do/where to go when we get there. Too much fun & interesting stuff abound!
I think you do really have to help us decide by recommending what to do before we check-in at Tsurunoyu and the day after before we go to Kakunodate. Help us!!! LOL

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Lol Thanks so much! I will help you with recommendations on what to do in this area. We will make your stay as memorable as it could be!

Btw, have you checked out our blogs in other languages? (linked on sidebar) They are written in Korean and Japanese, but they have many interesting pictures of what you could do. If you have time, please check them out!

lina said...

Are yoou kidding me? :D

Of course I checked the other two blogs often too! Not understanding the language never stop me & zaini from visiting a website before. LOL

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yea, I was actually sure you did.. but just to see if someone else also catches this.. :D

I do love your photos of Japan, too!The photos of your Tsurunoyu and Taenoyu are very informative and well-documented.