May 20, 2011

Kimoto: A Delicatessen of Japanese Home Style Cooking

Many people love visiting Tazawako Area and have a picnic at the lake! If you are on your way from Kakunodate area to Lake Tazawa,  grab a bite at  Kimoto!

Kimoto is a Japanese style delicatessen that sells ready-to-eat side dishes (okazu) by the portion as well as in a Bento Boxes to go. It is managed by women over 3 generations – a grandmother, mother, and daughter!

Meat, Okazu, and Bento Boxes:

Originally started as a meat shop, today Kimoto sells home style dishes (okazu) with high quality ingredients such as meat, organic rice (Hitomebore brand) and home-grown vegetables. You can have eat-in or to-go in a Bento Box for your picnic trip!


(From Left to Right)
BIG Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)
Karaage (Fried Chicken)
Spinach Seasoned with Sesami Dressing
Apple Pie
Maki-zushi (Sushi Roll)

Sansai-no-miryoku Otanoshimi Gozen

Kimoto sells many different kinds of Bento Boxes. This Sansai Special Bento is special because it is available only in this season! (Until the end of June.) You will taste many different Sansai vegetables in this satisfying lunch box – Butterbur sprout, Udo (Japanese Spikenard), Taranome (Shoots of Japanese Angelica-tree), Kogomi (young sprouts of a type of fern), Warabi (Bracken Fern), etc. It is served with Gohan (steamed white rice) and other seasonal ingredients as well.

The Sansai Bento Box is available for 1,200 – 1,800 yen. You can order as many as 30. To assure the availability of ingredients, please place your order 10 days before the day. Reservation can be made through Semboku City Tourism Information Center (T.I.C.) at JR Kakunodate Station.

Closed on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday
TEL/FAX : 0187-47-2948


lina said...

The maki zushi are so cute!

Á Phàm Liêu said...

Thank for sharing!!!
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