May 19, 2011

Learn about "Our Delicious Things: Flavors of Tazawako"


We can't stress enough how great the Mountain Vegetables are! Now they are at its best in this time of year! You will find: Aiko, Taranome, Udo, Azami, Udo, Kogomi, Warabi, Takenoko... Oh yum! The list continues.

If you want to know more about the wild delicacies especially  found in Tazawako Area. Here is a perfect book for you!

"Shin Oraho-no-Umemono: Flavor of Tazawako"
(Only 400Yen)
Published By Hina-no-kai (ひなの会)in 1999

A little glimpse...

This book  introduces you almost 20 different Sansai found in Tazawako Area with description of the characteristics and preparation for cooking. It also introduces 20 plus recipes of local traditional dishes like Budo-zuke (daikon radish pickled in glory vine), Yubeshi, Oyaki, Yamanoimonabe, sushi, mochi, etc.

The book is a second edition of the original, with more improved recipes and contents! The content was summarized and publishd by local women group. For the price of only 400 yen, you can learn a lot about our rich local food culture. It is a must book for those who want to get the best cultural flavor when visiting a rural Japan. Find a copy at Folake Tourist Information Center at JR Tazawako Station.

Although available only in Japanese (FYI, not in Akita dialect), the book is surely informative!!!!!

Highly recommended :)

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