Dec 24, 2010

Rabbit Illumination at JR Sashimaki Station

JR Tazawako Station has been illuminated last weekend. JR Sashimaki Station (only one station away for Kakunodate) is also illuminated by the community volunteers. Last year was a smiley face: This year is a rabbit face!

The Chinese zodiac sign for the coming year is rabbit. That is why!

We have been delighted by the Sashimaki community. They are the ones who host the Sashimaki Mizubasho Festival in April. Late October, we were invited to their harvest festival, in which the community members –mostly rice farmers— gather to compete on the rice harvest, inventive dishes like pickled vegetables, appetizers, and oyaki (roasted mochi with tasty fillings). It is a great opportunity for them to show off their skills and acknowledge one another’s achievement. The party was attended by many guests like Semboku City mayor and JR Station master.

The awards were given for the food entrees, whose prizes were farming equipments, pillows and alike.  Perhaps one of the best part was when the community group was awarded by JR company, for their great efforts to improve the environment around the station is appreciated. The entire party was full of laughter! We were assured that this is where the Sashimaki humor comes from!

Rice, pickled vegetables, appetizers, and mochi dishes were entered to the competition.

Watch the Sashimaki rabbit alive!

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