Apr 19, 2011

Sashimaki Mizubasho 2011 (Access/ Food / Souvenirs)

has started on April 16th and continues till May 5th.


DRIVE – Route 46 in between Tazawako and Kakunodate Station. If you are driving eastbound from Kakunodate Area, the colony will be found on your right hand side before JR Sashimaki Station. Parking capacity is 70 cars and free of charge.

WALK -- 15 minutes walk from the nearby JR Sashimaki Station. When you exit the station, make an immediate left. Just follow the event signs and continue walking on the paved way. You may find some wild cherry blossoms and Mizubasho flowers as well, but  you are not there yet; continue until you get to the event site.

BUS – The bus lines connect JR Stations (Tazawako, Sashimaki, and Kakunodate). See the time-table below (left corner) on the flyer.

JR TRAINS – Take a local train on JR Tazawako Line; Shinkansen Express do not make a stop at Sashimaki Station. See the time-table below.


Local Food / Souvenirs:

Traditional CuisineYama-no-imo Nabe (Hot Pot with balls of grated yam), Miso-Tanpo, Iwana (Japanese Char), Tama-Konnyaku, Oden, etc.

Other Local Specialties – Pickled Vegetables (Iburi-gakko, Eggplants, etc), Fresh Sansai (Wild Delicacies), Home-baked Oyaki (rice cake), Buckwheat Flour, Rice, Snacks, and Sweets, etc.

Other Souvenirs-- Iwana-sushi (Pressed Sushi with Japanese Char), Dorei (Pained Clay Bells), Liquors, Woodcrafts Goods, Tazawako Beer (Bottled Craft Beer), ORAE's Sausage with Alpine Leek, Nijinobuta Sausages and Pork on skewers, Rice-flour Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake with sweet bean paste inside),Tagosaku Senbei, etc.

(Clockwise) Oyaki, ORAE's Sausages, Snacks,Yama-no-imo Nabe, Rice-flour Taiyaki,
Tazawako Beer (Sakura-kobo Beer), Miso-Tanpo, Woodcrafts, Dorei (Clay Bells).

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