Apr 20, 2011

An Akita Puppy Just Arrived at Kyoei Paresu

An Akita puppy has just arrived at Kyoei Paresu (共栄パレス) at Lake Tazawa!

The souvenir shop / restaurant have been taking care of two Akita Dogs, Hachi and Gon. It has been the only location where you can observe the Akita dogs. They also keep different birds designated as preserved species of Akita Prefecture.

"Ganbaro Tohoku! Please come to see Akita Dogs!"
Kyoei Paresu Staffs with Gon (left) and Hachi (right)

A Puppy Has Arrived!

Kyoei Paresu’s most recent acquisition a 4-month old puppy named Nana!

A care-taker staff updates their official blog with updated stories about the shop and the Akita dogs. From there we have been enjoying and learning that Hachi, the female brown Akita, seems to be a big-sister to the other male dog, Gon.

The new puppy has been introduced last Friday. In the blog, a staff writes, “Nana just arrived today. The three Akitas were so excited, so it was difficult to take a picture of them. We keep her separate from the others for now until they are used to one another.”

A few days later, he updated: “Nana is so friendly; she tries her best to spread her tiny body and try to jumps onto us. She likes to play and lick our hands. She is full of energy – she eats a lot of food so quickly! Also, she moves so much and often out of breath!”

He recalls in the latest post: “We have been trying to tame Nana. But she does not remain still! We remember Hachi used to be full of energy as a puppy, but Nana is even more restless than Hachi was! We wonder when she will learn to ‘sit’ and ‘shake hands.’”

The arrival of new Akita puppy has been great news for us all! We are looking forward to meeting her soon....

The Only Location to Meet the Akita Dogs:

Although Akita dogs are quite popular in its hometown, you would realize that it is not so easy to meet one on your travel.

Kyoei Paresu offers you a rare opportunity, since the manager, Mr. Kikawa, has been permitted to create such facility for his previous career. Today a complicated procedure and a special license are required to make such facility.

So, do not miss your chance to meet meet them at Kyoei Paresu! If you are lucky, you might catch them out of the cage as well.

Gon and Hachi says "Welcome. Ask us anything you don't know. Let's be good friends."
Nana replies, "My name is Nana. Nice to meet you." (All Photos/Kyoei Paresu)

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