Feb 8, 2011

Meet Akita Dogs at Kyoei Paresu

Akita Dog (秋田犬)is designated as a protected species of Japan. The true story of Hachi (”Chuken Hachi-ko”), an Akita dog which waited for his master for 9 years at Shibuya Station in Tokyo without knowing his master’s death, had made the dog internationally known for the loyal nature.

With the innocent but tough quality, Akita dog is one of the most popular dog species in Japan—not to mention, Akita Prefecture is where they are most commonly found.

However, as a traveler with limited time, you might not get a chance to see an authentic dog.

Here is where you can find them in Tazawako—Kyoei Paresu (共栄パレス)!

Photos Courtesy of Kyoei Paresu

This is the only place where you can observe Akita dogs in Semboku City. The white one is Hachi (ハチ)and the brown one is Gon (ゴン). They arrived as puppies a few years ago. They are kept in the back of the Kyoei Paresu building across from the cages of three types of bird species also designated as a protected species of Japan.

Akita dogs may come in various combinations of colors, white, black, and yellow. To show you more variety of Akita dogs, Kyoei Paresu is planning to have more Akita dogs in other hair colors. Soon we might see some puppies!

Access to Kyoei Paresu:

From JR Tazawako Station, take a local bus bound for Nyuto Onsen-kyo or Lake Tazawa. Take a stop called “Tazawako-han” in Shirahama Area.

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