Feb 10, 2011

Taenoyu and Jindai Curry Group at Happinets Game

Last weekend, the Taenoyu family and Jindai Curry promoters gathered at Akita Northern Happinets' home game in Akita City!

Taenoyu Co., Ltd. (妙の湯)is an official team partner of Akita Northern Happinets, a professional basketball team of Akita Prefecture.

Other partners from Tazawako are Yama-no-Hachimitsuya Bee Skep (山のはちみつ屋ビースケップ), a honey shop near Lake Tazawa, and Tsurunoyu Onsen (鶴の湯温泉), a 360 year-old hot spring inn in Nyuto Onsen-kyo Area.

Jindai Curry booth at Akita Northern Happinets Game

Jindai Curry (神代カレー is one of the booths opened at the home games. Only 100 servings were available on a day! Try this curry plate, which is available at some restaurants in Semboku City (map).

At Happinets games, Jindai Curry is sold in a lunch box (“Jindai Curry Bento”) for 700 yen. It includes two types of curries, some steamed white rice (Jindai-mai), iburigakko (smoked and pickled radish), and an onsen-tamago (half-boiled egg). Jindai Curry retort packages  are available as well. One package with two servings is only 630 yen! It makes a good souvenir.

Taenoyu Group is best known for Taenoyu Onsen, one of the seven Nyuto Onsen inns. Hotel Ischia, also managed by the same company, hosted the team’s New Year’s party in January. Many people who came this day have met the team in person, been impressed by their dedication and friendliness, and agreed to come support the team at a game.

Akita Northern Happinets played against Takamatsu Five Arrows this day. The Akita team has the largest average number of audiences in Japan! No wonder why, because they had completely entertained us all!

The excitement had made us jump up and down the whole time— especially towards the end of the game, when the team’s victory was becoming certain. At the height of the excitement, the Taenoyu and Jindai Curry group was also giving the team loudest cheers!

With the exuberant feeling of victory, the group reassured the continuous support of the team! Perhaps the Taenoyu and Jindai Group feel connected to the basketball team, because they share the hope to revitalize and cheer up the Akita’s local community.

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