Feb 15, 2012

Celebrate the Girls' Month - Take a Train Decorated with Hand-Crafted Hanging Hina Dolls!

Kakunodate Town will be a perfect town to walk around and see different Hina dolls between February 18 – March 20, 2012. The dolls will be displayed at many shops and available for the tourists to see at different locations. The dolls are often family owned and passed down through generations, reflecting various styles and eras, and made of different materials: clays, papers, and even ceramic wares!

To enhance your experience in this historic snow country, you might want to consider taking a local single-cabin train decorated with hand-crafted hanging hina dolls!

The Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway company is offering you this special ride. The train cabin will be decorated with paintings and drawings by local elementary school students. (Some of them are also available on view at Aniai Station.)

This campaign will continue from February 18th to March 4th, 2012, connecting Kakunodate Station and Takanosu Station. Southbound Rapid Moriyoshi 1-Go (Aniai station 9:32 – Kakunodate 10:40), Southbound Rapid Moriyoshi 3-Go (Takanosu 14:01 – Kakunodate 16:07), and Northbound Rapid Moriyoshi 2-Go (Kakunodate 11:13 – Takanosu 13:09) will be the trains decorated.

Meanwhile, another hina-dolls themed campaign will be held in Kita-Akita City as well: Hina dolls will be displayed at some Takanosu Market Street, drawings by local elementary students at Aniai Station. Also at Aniai Sation, on February 18th, there will be mochi-pounding and games at 13:30pm and lighting snow candles at 17:30pm.

If you want more hina doll festival experience, you would definitely enjoy a guided tour with craft or cooking activity! Click for more details.

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