Feb 13, 2012

"No-Man Stations" of Akita Nairiku Railway were featured on AKB 48's Solo Project!

On February 1, a member of the most popular J-Pop girls group, AKB48, Misaki Iwasa, has just released her solo debut called, "Mujin Eki" (“No-Man Station”),  whose music video was filmed at “no-man stations” on Nairiku Jukan Railway line!

At Okuani Station (奥阿仁駅)

 Photo shot at Aikawa Station (合川駅)

The music style is called "Enka", which is a modern adoptation of traditional Japanese music style and whose lyrics often takes ideas on Japanese nationalism. Often, enka is associated to rustic, rural feelings which must have been the perfect match with the nostalgic atmosphere of the areas along Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway.

The promotional video and posters were shot on December 12 – 13, 2011, at Aikawa Station, Okuani Station, and Hitachinai Station, as well as inside the trademark single-cabin train which some general passengers together rode in!

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