Feb 7, 2012

Join a Traditional Hina Doll Tour in Kakunodate Town!

Hina-matsuri is a Japanese traditional doll festival that is celebrated on March 3rd. Today this thousand-year old festival is commonly celebrated as the families display the dolls on platforms covered with red fabric. The dolls are to represent an imperial wedding ceremony.

The dolls are displayed until the March 3 celebration; after that, they are usually put away in no time, since leaving it out too long is believed as a bad luck for the girl in searching of a groom. The set is commonly passed down in the family over several generations – carrying down the history of girls in the family.

In Kakunodate, a town known as “Little Kyoto of Tohoku,” you can have a tour to see such unique hina dolls that have been passed down over the generations. The dolls vary in size, materials, and numbers: A guide will tour you around and tell you interesting stories for your appreciation.

Your lunch will be served in a special bento box themed in the festival. It is followed by an activity also related to the doll festival. The activity varies on each day of the week:
Mondays and Wednesdays: Oshie (pressed picture) strap – 60 min
Sundays and Fridays: Hina doll photo frame with pressed flowers – 60 min
Tuesdays and Saturdays : Traditional hina-mochi cooking – 90 min
Saturday, February 18 – Tuesday, March 20, 2012.
9:50 – 14:30
Meet at Kura (Kakunodate Station Tourist Information Center) at 9:30
5,100 Yen (Adult) / 3,900 Yen (Child)
Includes :
Lunch (“Hina- Bento”), A Hina Dolls Tour (90 min), and Craft Activity (60 -90 min).
Maximum Capacity:
10 Persons (Minimum 2 Persons)

Reservation :

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