Feb 6, 2012

Come to Hiburikamakura, Kakunodate's Traditional New Year Festival on February 13

A traditional snow festival in Kakunodate Town, Hiburikamakura,will be held as the annual schedule, February 13 and 14. 

Hiburikamakura (火振りかまくら) is a traditional festival, in which a participant put a fire on s bundle of rice straws and swing it around his or her body, wishing for the safety and health of the family members. As dangerous as it looks, the tradition is practiced by the people of all ages - even many children accompanied by their parents! The view of many rings of flames in the contrast with snow is described as “mystic,” as it gathers many photographers from in and out of Akita Prefecture.

February 13 would be the best day to visit the event site near the Hinokinai river offers you warm foods and various activities to watch. The local people bring in their used new year’s ornaments and charms such as shimekazari and daruma, so they will be burned in an appropriate religious manner. There will be fireworks to start and end the event.

To remember your participation in the ritual event, why don’t you get a set of charms purified by the local Shinmeisha Shrine? Only 100 sets are available for 500 Yen. Find one at Kakunodate Tourist Association booth.

For more information about Hiburikamakura event, call Kakunodate Tourist Association (TEL 0187-54-2700) or Semboku City Tourism Division (0187-43-3352).

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