Jun 13, 2011

Obonai Bamboo Shoots Festival 2011

As Sansai, Mountain Vegetables are being harvested in later spring to early summer, now it is the time for bamboo shoots! Particularly, Bamboo Shoots found in Obonai Area at the foot of Mt. Akita Komagatake are popular for its softness and thickness. They are called Obonai Takenoko (生保内たけのこ).

Now Obonai Bamboo Shoots Festival (生保内たけのこまつり)is being held in Semboku City. In this campaign, which will be held until the end of June many restaurants and hotels offer you their proud bamboo shoots dishes. Also, you can find the fresh bamboo shoots at some shops around town.


Kohan-no-Mori Restaurant ORAE (at Lake Tazawa)

Café + Pension SOUNDS GOOD (at Lake Tazawa)

Beach House KOSUI (at Lake Tazawa)

Hotel Koshintei (at Lake Tazawa)

Oshokuji-dokoro MOMOYA (near JR Tazawako Station)

Inaka-no-Restaurant TAKARAKAZE (near JR Tazawako Station)

Izakaya KOMACHI (near JR Tazawako Station)

TAZAWAKO BEER (in Jindai Area)

Hotels (Served in Meals):

Motoyu Mizusawa Sanso (Mizusawa Area)

Hutte Birke (Mizusawa Area)

Café + Pension SOUNDS GOOD (at Lake Tazawa)

Hotel Koshintei (at lake Tazawa)

Pension Climber (in Mizusawa Area)

Magoroku Onsen (in Nyuto Area)

Onsen YUPOPO (in Jindai Area)

Tazawako Ichi (near JR Tazawako Station)

Grand Mart TAZAWAKO (near JR Tazawako Station)

TAKARAKAZE (near JR Tazawako Station)

Shimakawa Shoten (in Obonai Area)

Murakko Bussankan (in Nishiki Area)

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